Software Sales

Infra Support AG sells software licenses primarily in connection with Serwise AG projects. We are always looking for the licensing combination that offers the customer the best price-performance ratio. We not only compare different license variants, but also cloud, on-premise and hybrid options.

Perfomance Management Software

Infra Support AG has been an official IBM partner since 2008 - when the financial performance management products from Cognos and Applix were bought by IBM. For the IBM Planning Analytics product group even at the support providing partner level. Thanks to the seamless cooperation with Serwise AG, which implements customer projects with this software, extensive and long-term know-how is available at all times. Potential and existing customers benefit from advice on the best licensing options.

Disclosure Management

CDM is a collaborative tool for the pixel-perfect compilation of business reports. Data can be directly connected to CDM so that they are automatically updated.