Mobile App Development

Apps for Android and IOS have established themselves for many uses in the past few years. We focus on developments of apps that address a specific business problem. For example, we developed a tablet app for quickly and easily processing car management and test drives for a major car dealership; Or a mobile app to book laundry rooms for multi-tenant houses.

An app environment is currently being created with which company parking spaces can be actively 'managed'. The employees receive a contribution towards the rental costs thanks to the offer of their personal parking space. And employees without a parking space can rent inexpensively at any time, at no cost to the employer. Everyone involved benefits and ecology wins as no additional parking spaces have to be built.


The first mobile applications were native applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. In a second phase we developed on Xamarin to create multi platform applications. Both stategies did not lead to the desired result of flexible and cost-effective solutions.

In the past few years we have developed various mobile applications with Android Studio and React Native.

If the focus is on use on all current devices with iOS and Android, we now favor React Native and Flutter. Thanks to the many available libraries, these platforms can be used to implement solutions within a very short time while keeping cost low.

Open source technologies are also used in the server backend: Debian, PostgreSQL, SQLalchemy, Flask, NGINX Webserver, Python to name just a few.

Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your business case and are looking forward to developing an initial prototype for you based on the most important user stories.

Examples of applications

  • laundry room reservation in communal laundry rooms
  • better capacity use of company parking spaces
  • sharing platform for private users
  • tablet app for test drives (car dealership)
  • management of car locations (car dealership)