Platform and Application Support

We have substantial knowhow of the products and software that we produce ourselves or distribute. Support is not outsourced, but is executed hand in hand with the developers and consultants of our applications.

Application Support

Support for mobile apps and IoT-applications that we have developed ourselves over all levels is administered by our competent staff. We make sure that the user gets quick and effective support at any given time.

Platform Support

For system platforms that have been set up by Infra Support AG and are operated as a private cloud, the customer or user benefits from a flexible support offer. The entire environment is supported, end-to-end.

Customers pay for this high-quality service either through a transaction fee, a monthly participation fee or through a contractually agreed support fee.

The aim is to be able to offer an Application as a Service philosophy very easily in this way. The customer and user only focus on the functionality they want.

Support for IBM Financial Performance Management

Planning and budgeting are very time- and manpower intense. Plan data is often collected in multiple excel sheets which are then merged in a time-consuming and error-prone process into even bulkier excel workbooks. Shorter processing cycles, multiple versions for fine-tuning or even complexer models like a rolling forecast are unrealistic because personell resources are scarce and there is too much data to process.

Serwise AG uses central data repositories (multi dimensional databases, OLAP-servers) and can significantly accelerate the processes.
Each business unit gets a better overvies and manuell processes are optimized.
Users can analyse data but also input data in an excel-fronted or in a web solution.