Internet of Things (IoT)

The 'Internet of Things' and thus the networking of our real world is on everyone's lips. With IoT, devices can be controlled or they can send information to a central location. This modern world of so-called actuators and sensors offers uncountable new application possibilities for many people. In business life, completely new business cases are now possible, be it for new services or for the cost-saving use of resources.

Today, for example, remote devices and machines can be switched on, off and controlled much more easily depending on various factors. But it has also become very easy to collect measurement data and make decisions based on solid facts.

Does that make you curious? We understand that, because this environment is exciting and versatile. Get in touch with us, we will show you more.

Digitalization and IoT

There are uncountable possible use cases for IoT. For us, we want to attain more comfort and better efficiency for the user. Whether IoT is used on devices that are not easily reachable for manual handling or because the physical reading off of data would take too much time (and also could be imprecise) - There are countless sensible potential uses for IoT!

We are looking forward to learning about your ideas - contact us!

Modular Ecosystem for IoT comprising of a Server Backend and IS-21

Infra Support AG built an entire ecosystem in 2021. In the backend, services are made available on the basis of open source technologies that reliably handle the flow of data between IoT devices and the server and mobile applications. Here, for example, the product Eclipse Mosquitto is used in addition to the normally used server products such as Debian, PostgreSQL, SQLalchemy and Flask.

In order to close the gap between the remote 'device' and the central server infrastructure (or mobile app), Infra Support AG has developed a universal compact device, the IS-21. Thanks to the powerful processor (STM32WL) and the support of LoRaWAN technology, a large number of use cases can be covered. Prototypes can be created and the application can be tested in a real scenario in a very short time.

When developing the IS-21, we made sure that the hardware can be programmed as flexibly as possible and can be used in many situations. Therefore this device has a lot of functions and interfaces:

  • STM32WL Micro Processor (with ARM Cortex M0 +, ARM Cortex M4 and LoRaWAN radio part)
  • 4 electronic relays
  • 4 current measurements
  • LED green and LED red / green / blue
  • LoRaWAN antenna infrastructure
  • Bluetooth 5 modules (optional)
  • Additional GPIO
  • SPI Bus
  • UART
  • i2C bus
  • EEPROM with NFC antenna
  • Motion sensor
  • Infrastructure:
    • Battery feed
    • USB-C for power and programming
    • Bus connector

For non-technicians and business people: don't be frightened. This list is long, but above all it means that you can be very creative with it on the application side.