Tech for People - not just a marketing slogan

Infra Support AG offers the use of technology in various environments. 'Tech for People' was chosen as a company addition, so that it is clear from the first contact what the company stands for.

Whether in the field of IoT Internet of Things, app development, databases, analytics, open source technologies or interface issues between different systems: the technology that makes sense in the long term is recommended and used.

This also means that Infra Support AG and its employees do not always take the easiest path, but are also ready to make an extra effort in order to ultimately achieve a long-term sustainable solution.

One focus among our activities are encompassing solutions (backend, server software, app) like for example the platform, based on which many different sharing solution will develop.

Some first examples are the parking space sharing solution for company parking lots or the tenant app for facility managements (shared use of laundry rooms and communication between tenant and facility management).

Mobile App and Server Backend Development

Modern business ideas are based on easy-to-use mobile solutions. These consist of apps for Android and IOS smartphones and tablets and a server component that houses the data management and large parts of the application logic.

Infra Support AG relies on license-free open source technologies, which offer customers great benefits without fixed license costs.

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IoT Internet of Things

Many talk about it and only a few become active. Getting started with IoT seems difficult at first glance, but at second glance it turns out that the business idea is at the center and, thanks to many technologies available today, is easier to implement. The direct collaboration between creative process owners / business people and IoT developers shortens many projects.

Infra Support has developed a whole ecosystem of server software, client software and hardware. This can be used to deploy your prototype applications since summer 2021.

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Infra Support AG operates customer solutions on its own modern HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) platform or with large cloud providers. Infra Support AG supports individual apps, but also entire private cloud environments with sophisticated server components or business analytics platforms.

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Software License Sales

Infra Support AG supplies consulting companies and end customers with software that is required for the implementation of business analytics projects. As a certified partner of IBM (since 2008) for Planning Analytics and CloudPak for Data Software and of Insightsoftware for Disclosure Management, we find the best option for our customers and can also competently compare onprem, hybrid and cloud offers.

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